Hiroko Sumikura Video Portfolio 2011

TEDxHuntsville 2011
Production Supervisor
TEDxHuntsville Videos November 6, 2011
TEDxYouth@Huntsville Videos November 20, 2011

TEDxEroilor 2011
Animation (Music by G-Side)

TEDxTokyo 2011
Postproduction Supervisor
virgin earth, inc.
YouTube TEDxTokyo Page

“Henry & Hiroko”
2010 March
Editor (Director Martin Burns, Cinematographer Paul Leeming, Written by Alec McAulay, Music Trevor Ferdy)
Value Creation Films for An Acting for the Camera Production

World Business
Editor (from 2005)
virgin earth, inc. for FBC Media

Turmoil at Toyota OA 2010 April 2

Soy Squeeze OA 2008 July 4

Color C Code
2009 April
Director/Editor for GMG Color Technologies Co., Ltd.

Why SFC? GIGA Program – Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus
2010 April
virgin earth, inc. for eat creative

TV Shows
The Amazing Race
Transportation Assistant
virgin earth, inc. and World Race Productions for CBS

The Next Iron Chef (Cooking Reality Show)
Production Assistant
virgin earth, inc. for Triage Entertainment for Television Food Network G.P.

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