Seasonal consignment in Bryan/College Station

Wouldn’t it be nice to find some bargains, and actually get paid for that pile of unwanted children’s items, at one event? Anyone can consign their unwanted children’s items, from clothes, shoes, & toys to kid’s gear and maternity clothes. Decide how much you want to sell them for and take most of that money home.

Seasonal consignment happens only a few times a year–they’re popular across the country as a great opportunity to shop children’s items at very reasonable prices all in one place, without having to post everything online. If you’re selling (or even if you’re not), spread the word … & come early! Once that one-of-a-kind item is gone, it’s gone!




Hiroko Sumikura, Owner

With my daughters, Kana & Seina
With my daughters Kana & Seina

My first experience with seasonal consignment started with me having no idea what it was, my daughter was just a couple months old, but I decided to join another new mom if only to get out of the house.  She explained that it was like a thrift store for kids stuff, FOR MOMS, but somehow it didn’t make sense—I couldn’t figure out why so many people were excited about it, if it was a thrift store.  But the prices were amazing—in Huntsville Alabama seasonal consignment is well established, and so many moms were selling.  They had everything, most everything in great condition.  I was so excited to see a jogging stroller that usually costs about $300 was just about $60 that I bought it on the spot.  Good thing my new mom buddy was there too, because we had no idea how to even fold it!  And it was exciting—the next day I brought my husband, to take advantage of the discount days.  Basically, I was hooked!


Why does Bryan / College Station needs this?

  1. An “every now and then” sale is worth it, and it’s a much better use of time than one item sales on Facebook.  (Better to get it all done, when I know my kid’s sizes)

  2. You can get everything you really need at these sales—I know, because that’s exactly what we did before we moved back to Texas.


What I love about seasonal consignment sales

  1. Variety (There are clothes, toys, diaper bags, car seats, etc. But also with different brands all in one place)
  2. Price (Gymboree jeans for $5? Columbia winter jacket for $9? I’m buying! I got so many nice brand clothes that I would not buy otherwise)
  3. Convenience — All in one place (I did most of my shopping twice a year through these consignment events)
  4. Reuse & Recycle (Great to have your children’s items used again by someone else, declutter the house, and nice to make some money out of it)
  5. Privacy (No personal info such as address or phone on Facebook)