Wouldn’t it be nice to sell that pile of unused kid & baby stuff, without having to post it all over the internet?  We don’t have a consignment fee, no minimum or maximum number of items, but to cover costs we do charge a portion of your sales price (40%).  Also, the 50% discount day is optional⎼though it’s usually a good idea, since some folks really do wait for that.  The key is pricing your item right, and get the shoppers who just can’t wait.

How to Consign

1. Register on-line.  We’ll assign consignor # then and fill out your tags.

2. Go through your house. Find unwanted kid’s clothes, shoes, toys, strollers, etc.

3. Pricing (Consigner receives 60% of sales)

  • We recommend 25-50% of full retail price.  That’s a bargain.
  • Brand new items with tags (aka “Oh…Wow” gifts) can be 50-70% retail price
  • Mark items with ND, (no discount) if you do not wish your items to sell at half price on 50% discount day
  • Prices should be in 50 cent increments ($.50, $1.00, $1.50….)
  • Note, any free items do not need a tag

4. Make it look nice  (Sell what you would Buy)

  • Hang clothes and pants flat on hangers (hangers facing left, as in “?”)
  • Put shoes and small items (head clips & socks) in Ziploc bags
  • Put large toys, beddings, in big clear bags (Ziploc or recycled) when possible

5. Tag it up!  These will get mixed up at checkout, so best to use hangers you are at peace with saying goodbye to.  Ask us if you need hangers at the end, for next time.

  • Hangers (wire or plastic)IMG_6763
  • Safety pins (no straight pins
  • Note cards or kinda thick cardstock (white or lighter color)
  • Ziploc or clear storage bags
  • Clear packing tape
  • Tags – consistent &  clear
    • Updated – Tag can be handwritten, it should include, SIZE, BRAND, DESCRIPTION, PRICE, if you do not want items to get discounted write ND (No Discount)
    • Use safety pins to attach on right hand side of clothes
    • Use clear packing tape to attach tag on storage bags
    • For more detailed instruction, check http://www.kidsignments.com/how-to-tag.php
    • We’ll assign and fill out Consignor # during drop-off

6. Got a lot?  Print out your tags!

  • Print Template on #60-67 cardstock
  • Cut out tags

7. Drop-off

  • Science Park (2501 Earl Rudder Fwy, College Station, TX 77845)
  • Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 September by Appointment
    • Those who register will recieve an email with signup sheet

8. Pick-up or Donate

  • Pick-up clothes that did not sell
  • Or simply donate

9. Wait for your check!