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  1. What was your last video about? Or rather, where is it exactly?

  2. hiroks says:

    hahahhaha, it’s a secret…. well, it’s actually quite bad…. all my commentaries…

    And this video that I did for bonus credit is no better… somehow codec didn’t work right.
    The video is out of sync with audio….
    but I uploaded it anyway, because I just couldn’t afford to spend anymore time on this.
    Anyway, it’s no secret…. so, here it is.

  3. Hahahaha… I couldn’t stop laughing… But you didn’t dance like an Egyptian! =P

    But the secret is indeed out; That’s how you stay in shape – Do strange dances in front of the camera XD

  4. さかもっち says:


  5. hiroks says:


    共演のわんちゃんが JAX君です!

  6. I think the fast forwarding made the video even more amusing to watch =p. ( Especially when you were dancin like Elvis)

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