hiroksの『BBQ Party Mix 2006』が出来上がりました!






そんなわけで、私にとっては一曲欠けてるMix CDだけど、けっこういけてると自分で思ってます!

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  1. Carrito?
    Que pasa acereeee
    Who sings go go carrito? I\\’m interested

  2. hiroks says:

    it’s Carlito
    the guy who’s singing the song is called Carlito. And apparently he is a Swedish guy.

    The name of the song in Japanese is “Go! Go!カリート”. They said it’s a big hit!

  3. Carlito?
    Nunca lo escuche!
    Probably only in Japan.
    Send me the song if you can!
    Por favorrrrrrr

  4. hiroks says:

    Search under カリート
    You still can?’t find it?
    The official jpn site is

    The title of the song in English is ?”Carlito (Who?’s that boy)?”.

    If you go to youtube.com and type that name, you can watch his entire PV.

  5. OK
    Ok, voy a chequeal eso
    Felicidades con la BBQ fiesta… vino mucha gente

  6. hiroks says:

    Have you checked yet?
    Did you get to see the video?

    I would love to hear your opinion!

    You should come to the BBQ Party next year! It\\\\\\’s so much fun!

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